Toronto City Services survey

So… the city of Toronto is doing a survey to assess citizens’ feelings about how social services should be meted out.

Along with being really broad and poorly designed (not clearly spelling out ranking systems, not telling you how many items can be sorted into each category, etc), the survey itself gives people three options for service provision: privatization, user fees or increased property taxes. The poor structuring of the survey also makes it seem like EVERYTHING is on the table for possible user fee implementation (public libraries, homeless shelters, etc), even though some of those things can’t legally have user fees introduced for them.

The other scary thing is that this survey has been given seemingly next-to-no publicity in the general public, thus far, at least in the downtown, and is potentially going to be a pool of stat info used by City Council to make decisions about ‘what the public wants’.

The survey is up until June 17. How about you take it? It’s here:
Toronto Service Review

(Matthew also has some suggestions on survey-taking.)


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