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Broken Pencil 46 & ‘Can Feminism Pay the Bills?’

Check out my reviews of Sina Queyras’ book Expressway, BluePrint Magazine volume 3, Culture Slut #20 and The Devouring Grief of ‘Angelheart’ Mitchum in issue #46 of Broken Pencil.

And news from my neck of the woods:

– ‘My things, my grandmother’s things’ got a review over on too many cookies!

Pearls Before Swine Flu / this is plague city is available at Gimme Brains! distro!

– I’m going to be tabling at an event put on by Ladyfest Toronto on February 17th. If you’re in Toronto, drop by! Details are below:

“Can Feminism Pay the Bills?”
Hosted by Kim Katrin Crosby
Wednesday Febraury 17, 8pm
The Tranzac

A night of creative, comedic, academic, grassroots, and musical
responses to the topic of feminism and money. From personal finances
to organizational funding, we’ve all felt the squeeze and it’s time
for this movement to pay up! How can we balance demanding recognition
of our labour and support of non-profits we believe in? How do we talk
about inequity and lack of resources when many of us have dinner on
the table and a roof over our heads? How can we sell this thing to
make a cool million? Come out and learn and laugh about where our
collective stocks are sitting, how to increase their value, and when
we should just sell. Accompanying feminist vendor fair with some of
the most talented artists, crafters, business-owners and zinesters
will be open 8pm-11pm.

‘my things / my grandmother’s things’

This is a personal essay I wrote about doodling, the fallibility of memory and the act of making home, for a conference about collecting. I gave it as a story-telling style lecture/presentation here in the fall, and decided to sandwich my slides and story together in print form.

It’s 20 pages, and 1/4 sized. You can order it from me for 2$+postage. Email bitsofstring (a!) yahoo(dot)ca