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‘my things / my grandmother’s things’

This is a personal essay I wrote about doodling, the fallibility of memory and the act of making home, for a conference about collecting. I gave it as a story-telling style lecture/presentation here in the fall, and decided to sandwich my slides and story together in print form.

It’s 20 pages, and 1/4 sized. You can order it from me for 2$+postage. Email bitsofstring (a!) yahoo(dot)ca

The Beautiful Province

New zine, hot off the presses in the midst of a hellish rainstorm today!

The Beautiful Province
8 postcard stories
10 pages, 1/4 sized
2$, plus postage
bitsofstring (at) yahoo.ca

click the pictures below to see the cover and an excerpt

the shooting essay

Made in October, 2008.

1$ + 1 stamp in Canada, 2$ elsewhere.

Email bitsofstring@yahoo.ca to order.


A glossa on going home for a ‘holiday’ I don’t celebrate. Short-listed for the Montreal Small Press awards in 2007, and sold at one time through the distroboto art vending machines in that city.

This zine is 1$ + 1 stamp in Canada, or 2$ anywhere else.

Email bitsofstring@yahoo.ca to order.